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The NYCT Enhanced Station Initiative #8 enhanced the customer experience by making the 145 Street, 167 Street and 174-175 Street stations in Manhattan and Bronx cleaner, brighter and easier to navigate.


Project Details​

  • Contract Value: $90M

  • Completion Date: January 2019

  • Location: Manhattan and Bronx, NY

  • Scope of Work:

    • ​New platform and Mezzanine lighting fixtures

    • Installation of new Customer Information system devices [CIS]

    • Installation of train arrival countdown clock system

    • Installation of CCTV system equipment [including track edge for train operators]

    • Upgrades to the Access Node, H.E.L.P. Point systems and equipment

    • Installation of Outfront digital sign displays

    • New platform wall tile and restoration of concrete floor finishes

    • Replace existing AFC railings with glass fare array partitions

    • New street entrance canopies, LED lighting, charging stations, benches, leaning bars and WiFi connectivity 

    • Concrete and steel repairs

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