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Citnalta-TAP JV with Gannett Fleming Team Awarded ACEC New York Engineering Excellence Award for NYCT Livonia Station

Livonia Station

The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) awarded Gannett Fleming’s entry, the MTA New York City Transit Livonia Avenue Station Mobility Project, with the Platinum Award in the transportation category. The Citnalta-TAP JV led the project with Gannett Fleming as the designer. The scope of work involved providing full ADA accessibility at the station, including installing two traction elevators, new compliant stairs, ADA paths of ingress and egress, and an above-track pedestrian overpass.

To facilitate the installation of the new elevators and the expanded control area, the Citnalta-TAP JV demolished the existing back-of-house space and relocated NYCT’s station department to a temporary facility for the duration of construction. Additional spaces were designed and constructed, consisting of a new EMR, Verizon, electrical distribution and various station facilities rooms such as employee restrooms, locker and storage rooms.

Excellent work, team! It is an honor to receive recognition for a job well done.


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