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Coney Island Yard Flood Mitigation Project is Complete

In a significant stride towards fortifying its infrastructure against the impacts of extreme weather events, the New York City Transit's (NYCT) Coney Island Yard Complex Long Term Flood Mitigation project in Brooklyn, NY, has been successfully completed. Valued at over $300 million, this endeavor not only ensures the long-term flood protection of the complex but also represents a forward-thinking approach to safeguarding critical transit assets.


As a subcontractor for this project, our key objective, along with General Contractor Tully Construction Company, Inc., was to relocate essential components such as traction power, communication, signal, control, and battery cables from their vulnerable underground locations to an elevated steel truss system. This strategic shift is designed to mitigate the risk of damage caused by potential flooding, a crucial consideration given the increasing frequency and severity of weather-related challenges.


The newly installed elevated steel truss system spans an impressive 4,500 feet, demonstrating the scale and ambition of the mitigation efforts. To accommodate the extensive network of conduit and cables for various systems throughout the complex, the truss system is set to support more than 150,000 feet of conduit and a staggering 375,000 feet of cables. This meticulous planning ensures that the transit systems remain operational and resilient despite adverse weather conditions.


A notable feature of the project is incorporating a negative bus duct system along the entire length of the 4,500-foot steel truss structure. This innovative addition enhances the overall efficiency and reliability of the transit systems by providing a streamlined pathway for power distribution. The negative bus duct system contributes to the project's functionality and highlights the commitment to adopting cutting-edge technologies for sustainable and resilient urban transit solutions.


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