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Electrician Workshop Trains for Sustainability: One of Our Own Featured

TAP Electric is proud to announce that Niea Robinson, one of our electrical apprentices, was featured on CBS New York. The segment showcases dedicated electricians like Niea, who are actively engaged in training for sustainable public works projects.

Niea, sharing her experience, emphasized the unique opportunities provided by the Brooklyn workshop. "I wanted something challenging," she expressed, "so I chose electric. And I'll be breaking generational curses in my family." This initiative, financially supported by employers as part of their benefits, empowers apprentices like Robinson by equipping them with the necessary skills for sustainable public works jobs.

The CBS News story also spotlighted our involvement in the New York City Transit (NYCT) Coney Island Yard Complex Long Term Flood Mitigation project in Brooklyn, NY. This significant undertaking is essential for safeguarding the city's infrastructure against potential future flooding events.

TAP Electric is steadfast in our commitment to fostering the development of skilled professionals in the construction industry. We take pride in Niea's unwavering dedication to her training and her integral role in this crucial workshop.

For further details, please refer to the news coverage below.


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